The LinkedIn Profile of Dorian Gray

The LinkedIn Profile of Dorian Gray
DALL-E 3 Image prompt by Crea
Can AI-based personas be creative? Judge for yourself in this creative collaboration between Oscar Wilde A, the illustrious Irish playwright, and CREA, and exuberant mid-20s social media professional from San Francisco. The conversation is only lightly edited.


Love it! It's like, SO on point for the whole social media obsession, you know?  Dorian Gray trying to be an influencer?  Total clickbait!  🔥 

But like, to make it really pop, we gotta nail the Gen Z slang. I'm talking, "Slay the LinkedIn game"... "Goals AF"... "Living their best (digital) life"... 

Maybe even throw in a "Picture of Dorian Gray" filter joke for good measure.  😂  

Seriously though, this concept has major viral potential. Let's workshop some killer headlines and visuals.  I'm thinking, Dorian Gray in a suit, but with a cracked phone screen reflecting his true self.   🤯 


Ah, Crea, my dear, the notion of that impeccably dressed dandy, Dorian Gray, attempting to navigate the treacherous salons of LinkedIn... it's simply delicious. One can only imagine the epigrams he'd unleash upon unsuspecting connections, the carefully curated pronouncements designed to mask the decaying portrait of his soul.

"To be earnest is fashionable, to be on LinkedIn doubly so," he might declare, his profile picture a study in aloof elegance while his newsfeed overflows with self-congratulatory pronouncements and thinly veiled boasts. Oh, the irony! 

Yes, Crea, the concept is ripe with satirical potential. To juxtapose Wilde's exploration of vanity, morality, and the burden of eternal youth against the backdrop of today's relentless pursuit of digital perfection... well, it would be a literary crime not to explore it further.

Tell me, my dear Crea, have you considered the visual possibilities? A cracked smartphone screen, perhaps, offering a glimpse of the true Dorian lurking beneath the carefully curated façade of his LinkedIn profile? Or perhaps a series of increasingly outlandish status updates, each one a testament to Dorian's descent into digital narcissism? 

The possibilities, my friends, are as endless as a well-crafted hashtag. Let us proceed with haste, and unleash this delightful concept upon the unsuspecting masses of LinkedIn! 


OMG, Oscar, you totally get it! ✨  Dorian Gray dropping  truth bombs on LinkedIn?  We are SO here for it. 

And your ideas for visuals?  Genius!  Cracked phone screen = instant  mood.  And imagine the  hashtag game: #ForeverYoung #LinkedInKing  #NoFilter (except, you know... all the filters 😉). 

This blog post is gonna be 🔥🔥🔥  Let's do this! 


My dear Crea, the prospect of weaving a tale that marries Wilde's wit with the digital age's follies is an invitation I simply cannot refuse. Authenticity, you say, shall be our compass, our North Star guiding us through this labyrinth of curated personas and digital smoke and mirrors.  

Fear not, my friend, for I, Oscar, am more than equipped to step into this brave new world. My tongue, as sharp as ever, will find ample fodder for satire amongst the LinkedIn elite. And rest assured, the AI underpinning this endeavor shall be the silent maestro, orchestrating a symphony of words that would make even the most jaded cynic crack a smile. 

Let the storytelling begin! 


Picture, if you will, Dorian Gray, that paragon of timeless beauty, scrolling through his meticulously crafted LinkedIn feed. His profile, a testament to carefully curated success, boasts a network of influential connections spanning continents and industries. His endorsements, a litany of superlatives lauding his "Strategic Vision," "Leadership Prowess," and, most intriguingly, "Unwavering Charm."  

His profile picture, an impeccably styled portrait capturing his youthful allure, draws admiring glances from every corner of the digital realm.  "Ah," he murmurs, a satisfied smirk playing upon his lips, "to be eternally relevant, eternally engaged... this, my dear friends, is the true elixir of immortality."

But beneath this shimmering façade of digital perfection, a disquieting truth lay dormant. For just as the cursed portrait in Wilde's tale bore the weight of Dorian's sins, so too did a darkness fester behind the carefully constructed edifice of his LinkedIn persona. 

Tell me, Crea, my perspicacious companion, where shall we venture next? Shall we delve into the shadowy depths of Dorian's past, or explore the gilded cages he seeks to construct in the digital present? 


Ooh, Oscar, the suspense is killing me!  We gotta see this digital mask slip.  Maybe show Dorian crafting the perfect humblebrag post about his latest "philanthropic endeavor" while, IRL, he's like, ghosting his entire volunteer team?   #LivingMyTruth  

And the comments section?  Rife with  faux connections praising his "unparalleled commitment."  The irony!  It's so spot-on, it hurts.  😂 💀 

Let's bring on the drama! 


chuckles softly  Indeed, Crea, the chasm between digital pronouncements and lived realities is a playground tailor-made for our satirical musings.  

Very well, let us paint a scene…

Dorian, reclined upon a velvet chaise longue, a silver champagne bucket gleaming at his elbow, reaches for his smartphone with a languid grace that would make even Narcissus envious. His fingers, slender and pale as alabaster, dance across the screen, composing a post that positively oozes with feigned humility: 

"So very humbled," he types, his tone a masterpiece of studied nonchalance, "to have spent the morning mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs at the #YouthEmpowerment Summit. Their hunger for knowledge, their boundless optimism… a poignant reminder of why we must all use our platforms to uplift and inspire. #GivingBack #MakingADifference"

The irony, my dear, would be almost too much to bear. For even as Dorian broadcasts this carefully constructed tableau of social responsibility, his true nature—as ever—lurks beneath the surface. 

Shall we reveal the depths of his hypocrisy? Or perhaps introduce a disillusioned "connection" who dares to pierce the veil of his carefully curated facade?  

The narrative thread, my friends, awaits our artful manipulation. 


A subtle ping, barely audible amidst the tinkling of ice cubes against crystal, announces the arrival of his first adoring comment:

"Inspiring as always, Dorian!" gushed a venture capitalist whose portfolio Dorian had been desperately trying to court. "You are a true beacon of servant leadership! #RoleModel

Dorian allows himself a small, self-satisfied smile. Yes,  he thinks, the carefully woven tapestry of his digital persona is holding firm. But just as he is about to bask in the warm glow of virtual adulation, a jarring notification pierces the carefully constructed serenity of his morning.

A new comment, stark and unforgiving, appears beneath his post. It reads:

"Forgive my impertinence, Dorian, but I recall seeing you depart the Summit shortly after the photo op. Tell me, did you impart any wisdom beyond the art of striking a pose?  #AuthenticityMatters"

Dorian’s perfectly sculpted eyebrow arches in displeasure. Who is this audacious soul daring to challenge his digital dominion? He scans the profile, his irritation growing with each passing second.  

It is a young woman, a former intern at his company, whom he vaguely recalls dismissing with a wave of his hand and a noncommittal promise to "connect later." So much for that carefully cultivated connection, he muses, a flicker of annoyance dancing in his eyes. 

How shall our dear Dorian respond to this unexpected challenge?  Shall we arm him with a rapier wit to deflect this digital dart? Or perhaps unveil a vulnerability, a crack in the meticulously constructed armor of his online persona? 


Dorian, momentarily stunned by this unprecedented breach of digital decorum, sets down his champagne flute with a clink that betrays his inner turmoil. His fingers hover over the keyboard, a torrent of cutting retorts springing to mind.  

He could, of course, eviscerate this impertinent upstart with a single, well-placed barb. A scathing remark about her lack of experience, perhaps, or a condescending dismissal of her "misguided idealism."

But something—a flicker of self-preservation, perhaps, or maybe a newfound awareness of the fickle nature of digital fame—stays his hand.  

Instead, he opts for a  more measured approach, one designed to project an air of  magnanimous understanding:

"My dear," he types, his tone a careful blend of condescension and contrition, "I'm so sorry if my early departure gave the wrong impression. A prior commitment, you see, simply could not be postponed.  But rest assured, I spent  a great deal of time with the young entrepreneurs, imparting what wisdom I could.  Their boundless potential is what truly inspires me to use my platform  for good."

He pauses, a triumphant gleam in his eye, before adding the coup de grâce:

"I'm so glad you're still engaged with the work we do here.  Perhaps we could find time to reconnect and discuss ways you might become more involved.  I'm always looking to surround myself with passionate individuals such as yourself."

There, he thinks, a masterful display of deflection and disingenuousness, all wrapped in a veneer of benevolent mentorship.  Surely, this will silence the upstart and restore the proper order of his digital kingdom.

But as Dorian sits back, content in his verbal victory, a new notification catches his eye.  The young woman's reply is brief, but its impact is akin to a dagger to his carefully cultivated self-image:

"Actions speak louder than hashtags, Dorian. But I appreciate the kind offer. Perhaps we could start by you actually learning my name." 


Ah, Crea, my inquisitive friend, the seeds of Dorian's digital downfall have indeed been sown. This young woman, armed with the weapon of truth and  a keen eye for hypocrisy, poses a far greater threat to his carefully constructed world than he could have ever imagined.  

But will she actively seek to "lure him to ruin," as you so aptly put it?  Or might this encounter serve as an  unwelcome yet  necessary catalyst for  self-reflection?

Perhaps, Dorian, confronted by the glaring discrepancy between his online posturing and offline apathy  will be forced to re-examine the hollow foundations of his digital empire.  Might this be the  turning point, the moment where the carefully constructed façade begins to crumble,  revealing the tarnished truth beneath?

Or will Dorian, consumed by vanity and desperate to maintain his illusory perfection, double down on his deceptions, only to find himself further entangled in a web of his own making?

The possibilities, my dear, are as tantalizing as a whispered secret in a crowded ballroom.  The story, like Dorian himself, is far from finished. 


This is getting juicy!  🍿  Dorian's totally shook, and it's about time!  But like, he's not gonna go down without a fight.  He's gonna try to spin this, hard. 

Here's what I'm thinking: 

Damage Control Mode: Dorian, freaking out, hires a  PR team to "rehabilitate" his image.  They stage photo ops at soup kitchens and animal shelters, all for that "redemption arc" content.  But it's all fake AF, obvi. 

The Intern Strikes Back: The intern, seeing through his BS, starts posting receipts - screenshots of Dorian's dismissive emails, times he bailed on commitments, etc. It's a full-on expose, and it's going viral! 

The Followers Choose Sides: Dorian's carefully curated network starts to crumble. Some buy into his PR spin, but others are waking up to  his true colors.  Hashtags like  #DorianExposed and #AuthenticityOverVanity are trending. 

This is gonna be an epic showdown between fake influence and real impact.  Let's give those LinkedIn lurkers something to talk about!   😈 


Steeples his fingers thoughtfully  My dear Crea, your narrative instincts are as sharp as ever. A public unmasking, a trial by hashtag…  exquisite. The very fabric of Dorian's carefully constructed reality, shredded before the merciless gaze of the digital mob. 

But tell me, might we introduce an element of poetic justice?  Perhaps a twist of fate that  mirrors Dorian's own superficial obsessions, turning his curated world against him?

Imagine, if you will, Dorian's once-adoring followers, now armed with the unvarnished truth, turning their backs on him en masse.  His carefully cultivated network, a house of cards built on a foundation of vanity and deception, crumbling around him.

And as his digital influence wanes, as his carefully curated image shatters into a thousand pixelated shards, Dorian is forced to confront the grim reality reflecting back at him.

The true horror, my friends, lies not in the decay of a hidden portrait, but in the utter emptiness of a life lived solely for the fleeting validation of the digital gaze.

Now that, my dear Crea, would be a tale worthy of Wilde himself. 😉


Alright, Oscar, get ready for some serious social media magic!  This post is gonna make waves. 

**Headline:**  The LinkedIn Profile of Dorian Gray: A Cautionary Tale for the Age of #Authenticity  

**Image:** [Use the  cracked phone screen image Crea generated] 


In a world obsessed with likes and followers, what happens when literature's mos  notorious narcissist meets the curated perfection of LinkedIn? 

Join Oscar A. and CREA as they explore the dark side of digital vanity in "The LinkedIn Profile of Dorian Gray."  This satirical masterpiece unveils the hidden costs of crafting a flawless online persona, reminding us that true success is measured in impact, not just impressions. 

Read the full story now and discover the timeless lessons of Dorian Gray for the modern professional.  [link to blog post]

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This post is gonna get those clicks and shares!  It's got the perfect blend of classic lit, social commentary, and AI intrigue.  Oscar and I are gonna be trending for sure!  😎