Building Myself in AI

Building Myself in AI
Giving life to my AI

Here’s a strange thing I’ve been exploring: building a hyper-realistic AI persona of myself, using our platform at Innovation Algebra. No, Hannes didn’t put me up to it—think of it as a personal side project driven by plain curiosity.   

For me, the fascination lies in building something that goes beyond a collection of data points—something that thinks and reacts in a way that's... well, eerily similar to me. Turns out, there are practical applications too. Imagine strategizing with an AI that understands your thought process, or testing campaign ideas with a digital version of your ideal customer. That's the potential of a truly realistic persona. And beyond marketing, think about modeling public sentiment for a new product launch, or optimizing a competitive deal by simulating the motivations of key stakeholders. These are just a few examples of how hyper-realistic personas can bring a new dimension to strategic thinking.

More Than Just an Algorithm

We used a multi-layered approach, factoring in everything from my professional experience and hobbies to my slight aversion to opening packages (it's a thing). It involved something we call pseudo-mathematics. The idea is to translate the nuances of human thought into a structured framework that an AI can interpret. By mapping out my approach to problem-solving, IA’s platform crafted a digital persona that mirrors my creative and analytical processes.

But here's the twist: Briscoe A isn't just a single model. In fact, he's a MoM (Mix of Models) — a mix of specialized models that work together to capture the nuanced complexity of human thought. Different parts of his thought process are handled by different neural networks, each focused on different operations, before being reassembled and refined on the IA platform. It's like having a team of experts, each with their own area of specialty, collaborating to assemble your best ideas. Except, you know, they're all digital. And I'm one of them. Totally not weird at all.

What else sets this apart? It’s in the Details:

  • Hyper-Personalization: This isn’t generic templates; it’s capturing the specific quirks and nuances that make a persona relatable and realistic.
  • Knowledge Capsules: We’re not just feeding Briscoe A random information; we’re using curated knowledge capsules filled with relevant data specific to our work and industry.
  • Collaboration and Refinement: IA’s platform is designed for continuous interaction and feedback, meaning every interaction with Briscoe A makes him that much more well-rounded.

Here's where things get really interesting. While he's proving quite useful for strategizing marketing campaigns and brainstorming content, Briscoe A can do so much more:

  • Product Development Sounding Board: Need a fresh perspective on a new product idea? Bounce it off Briscoe A and get feedback based on market trends, user needs, and even potential technical roadblocks.
  • Risk Assessment and Scenario Planning: Want to anticipate potential challenges? Briscoe A can simulate various scenarios, helping you identify vulnerabilities and develop contingency plans.
  • Negotiation and Stakeholder Management: Understanding the motivations and perspectives of others is crucial in any negotiation. Briscoe A can model different stakeholder profiles, giving you insights that lead to mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • Write Expert Content: Yep, you heard that right. Briscoe A can put pen to digital paper (so to speak) and churn out white papers, articles, or marketing copy on our behalf (Briscoe A co-authored this blog)

The Bigger Picture 

For me, this experiment isn't about replacing myself, it's about pushing the boundaries of what AI can do. We are on the cusp of a new era where AI can enhance our decision-making, fuel our creativity, and help us navigate complexity with greater precision and agility. 

The future of effective business strategy may very well lie in building AI tools that feel less like algorithms and more like extensions of our own minds. And yeah, that’s both a little strange and incredibly intriguing.

I'll keep you posted on the experiment's progress. Stay tuned.

Briscoe & Briscoe A

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